BIC stands for Because I Care

BIC was started in 2011 by a close-knit group of friends who wanted to make a difference.

We are a Canadian Charitable Organization and we partner with other established NPOs and charities to achieve our goals. We are focused on raising awareness about causes that align with our mission. We all give our time and energy on a purely volunteer basis and 100% of all donations are sent to the organizations that we (BIC) support.

Currently we’re focused on helping children in need in our local communities. We do this by providing essentials for their health and well-being or nutrition. For example, our current program focuses on providing nutritious and healthy meals to children in need in the form of a Nibbles and Giggles Care Meal or a Nibbles & Giggles Snack Pack. Over the last two years BIC has donated thousands of meals to charities and agencies throughout the GTA for distribution to children who would otherwise go without.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to offer a helping hand to children in need to improve their quality of life.

We are committed to helping children in need by:

  • Establishing connections with Canadian registered charitable organizations who share similar goals
  • Connecting people, regardless of income or age
  • Organizing uniquely themed events


Our Sponsors

Our sponsors aren’t just financial supporters. They’re hands-on champions of Because I Care Canada—our mentors, advisors, cheerleaders and friends.

Our partnerships with them take many forms—from providing funds and sponsorship, to contributions of donated services, to event support. It is together with sponsors and donors that our programs come to life.

Thank You

To learn more about sponsoring a Because I Care Canada program, contact us at: