How We Help

Nibbles & Giggles Care Meal

The Nibbles & Giggles Care Meal is designed to help fill the tummies of children aged 12 months and up, who may otherwise go hungry. The compact kits contain a variety of products and may include:

  • Baby Food
  • A Fruit Snack
  • An Entree
  • A Drink

The Nibbles & Giggles Care Meal provide excellent value for your donated dollars and can make an incredible difference to the  well being of children in our community who deserve full tummies so that they can flourish. You can help make a difference today by Hold Your Own Fundraising Event!


We also recently launched a snack version of the meal kit, Nibbles & Giggles Snack Pack. It’s designed to give a light snack to children who would otherwise go without. The compact snack pack contains a variety of products and may include:

  • A drink
  • A granola bar
  • Savoury snack

Donations Made

We’re proud of BICs donations made to date. None of this could have been accomplished without our Partners/Sponsors and of course, each and everyone of YOU! Most recently we’ve supported Feed the Need in Durham.

Agencies we Support

The organizations and charities that we choose to work with are well-established and can provide a greater breadth of support and services. It is also important to us to partner with those organizations that are committed to making the biggest difference in the lives of children and their families. If you are passionate about a cause, please let us know.